Spencer finds Toby in his college accommodation having on nothing but a bath towel.

The towel will come away and fall into mattress. After ward, Spencer hears a piano being played and just wild while she becomes outside of the bathroom. Mona, wearing a black hoodie, strides out from behind this lady and knocks them aside.

Spencer wakes up secured in a living room and experiences their the same twin, as Emily and Alison learn that Martha Drake escaped from jail. Martha appears and injects Spencer with one thing to sleep. As she concerns, Spencer, chained within the floor, contact this model double Alex Drake, who’s a British emphasis and so whatsyourprice the initials A.D.

Wren achieved Alex in London while she am being employed as a bartender and shared with her about Spencer. Wren and Alex fast started a connection, and Alex reveals that she annexed the match as uber the when Charlotte, Spencer’s half-sister, passed away. “I needed the closure,” she say Spencer. “alone terms.”

Alex has-been learning Spencer’s life, including her relatives photos. She’s furthermore the one who comforted Hanna when this tramp was being punished and hooked up with Toby before the man transferred away. After the online game was actually more than, Alex returned to Manchester but she cannot cease taking into consideration the liars, despite the reality Wren made an effort to dissuade the lady.

“Spencer seems to have almost everything so I received practically nothing,” Alex advised Wren in a flashback.

Alex desired to figure out what they felt like to own family like Spencer’s exactly who adore oneself no real matter what happened. Wren implores Alex to stop the video game and tell the girls reality, but she convinces him that this tramp will need to be Spencer. She even possesses Wren take the making sure that she has identically gunshot mark as Spencer.

Alex claims the master plan ended up being grow to be Spencer, but Wren best preferred her as Alex. She implies to Spencer that Wren are useless and that she experienced his or her ashes changed to the infinity rock she dons on her behalf necklace.

Alex assumes Spencer’s personality and satisfies the additional girls at Aria’s marriage, just where she reveals the dad of Alison’s girl happens to be Wren. And back her jail, Spencer foretells Mary, which conveys to this lady that this gal sold Alex, exactly who ended up at an orphanage in England. Martha will come in to ease Spencer, whom normally takes a bobby pin from her mane.

At their event, Aria try sobbing, creating was given a text from Ezra just who stated he had beenn’t originating. The reality is that Alex knocked Ezra out when he need the woman too many hard problems and the man is kept in identical put as Spencer.

Alex return to elucidate that this bird desires Toby. She also states that Sydney Driscoll was just supporting their because Alex trapped the taking. Charlotte kept this lady income to Alex, whom made use of a few of the funds to fund Jenna Marshall’s operation to help the lady read again. In exchange, Jenna assisted the lady with all the sport.

In a flashback, Alex shares that Charlotte achieved Archer Dunhill, referred to as Dr. Elliot Rollins, on a trip to Paris, as well two decrease in love. The fact is, Archer had been performing on his very own when he deceived Alison into marrying your and confident Martha it was exactly what Charlotte will have desired. In Paris, Wren assisted Charlotte and Alex fulfill the very first time. Wren, Alex, Charlotte and Archer achieved everything with each other. And simply before she placed London, Charlotte accomplished Alex with a record of Patsy Cline’s greatest hits. But Alex never experience Charlotte again, and she discloses that this chick will probably destroy Ezra.

Down at Aria and Ezra’s rental, girls need any concept to what occurred to Ezra.

They’re convinced he wanted to marry Aria, specifically after a hot air inflate marvel for couples looks. Jenna additionally senses that some thing was completely wrong when this dish meets Spencer and news this lady has a unique aroma. She telephone calls Toby and informs your, “I recognize this could sounds unusual, but I dont think Spencer’s Spencer.”

Caleb, Hanna, Aria, Emily and Alison are obtained on loft if Toby comes in through and discloses which he feels Spencer is possibly are impersonated by a twin. According to him there’s certainly no approach the book Spencer accomplished him before he settled would be hers because there just weren’t any ideas there. The world pans up and shows Mona watching the occasions unfold inside the coffee cafe. She telephone calls A.D. and requires that this hoe inform the woman whom exactly where there is she’s.

Mona explains for the bunch that this bimbo is definitely trying to play the online game to beat A.D., and they discover that Spencer’s double is required to have bought the rooms that Toby constructed. Whenever they get here on the house, they look for home furniture exactly the same as the game tables and chairs in Spencer’s own home. They then come a passage below the ground.

Alex hits Martha with an axe, before she could destroy them, Spencer and Ezra break out of their own tissue. Alex at some point corners each, and Spencer jumps on the before she will be able to eliminate Ezra. Now, Caleb, Hanna, Emily, Aria, Alison and Toby see them. Spencer and Alex both attempt obtain the cluster to think these are the real Spencer, nevertheless it’s Toby whom figures it out:

“say your chosen poem within the book a person gave me,” Toby whispers into one of several double’s ears.

The authentic Spencer acts with a series from your poem in French. And cops occur to consider Alex aside. “we referred to as 911,” Mona calls .

In a pleasant stopping, Ezra and Aria are eventually wedded. (Their commemoration is definitely disturbed by your ring of professional creator I. Marlene King’s cellphone in a shock cameo.) Aria tells this model close friends that this tramp and Ezra prefer to check out adoption after their unique vacation. Spencer says that Toby are remaining in the place helping veterans, and Hanna says she is pregnant.

Mona work in a model stock in France and includes a handsome French sweetheart. As she promises to satisfy him later on, she walks downstairs to discover them dolls Alex and Mary Drake, exactly who this woman is trying to keep prisoner.

The final arena is of Alison and Emily’s people whom fall into an extremely comparable circumstance with the initial episode of “very tiny Liars.”

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