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Spaces & American Brewer

“The best laid schemes of mice and men often go awry” as the poem says and, to be sure, there is truth in it. Production on ‘American Brewer’ has been shelved for the time being until we can better coordinate this project. In cinema verite’ timing is everything. If you’re not there to capture the moment, once it is passed, it is impossible to recapture it. All is not lost though, we will get back into this project as soon as it becomes possible to do so.

In the meantime our production team has been actively taking on a new project that we feel addresses a major issue in inner-cities today. The issue of public spaces and the profound effects that they have on society. To that end we have been actively shooting our new ‘Spaces’ doc where we examine the repercussions of limited access to community areas and how that can change the perceptions of those in these areas.

We recently found ourselves in the intense summer heat at the L.A. River bed in the San Fernando Valley. Below are a couple of images we took during our production. Thanks to George & Steve for going on camera for the first IV’s we shot for this project, and welcome to Jim Doran our new 1st AD and ‘ZTC’!

Keep checking in and we’ll post more images as we move forward with this great project.

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Back from NAB!!!

Just got back into town from the NAB trip. What a weekend! The Imbrium team was running on all cylinders for the entire trip. There was so much to see and so many great vendors to speak with. One of the highlights for us was to meet with Tim Ovell of IndiSystems who showed us some of his as yet unreleased products. Tim and his crew are very knowledgable and have a great philosophy when it comes to creating value in their products as well as providing great customer service. To use the EBay meme, ‘A+++ , Would buy again!’.

Also had a great interview with an individual who will be featured in ‘American Brewers’! More details on this to come!

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NAB 2012

We’ll be taking a short break to attend the National Association of Broadcasters convention in Las Vegas, NV. next week. We wont be taking any breaks from production on ‘American Brewer’ though as we will be visiting craft brewers and facilities to add more flavor to our production while we’re away @ NAB.

If you’re not going to be at NAB next week be sure to follow along with us on Twitter @imbriumfilms for the latest news and behind the scenes pictures of production as we continue to build our story. If you are going to be there, send us a tweet we’d be glad to meet you!

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American Brewer is in production!

Production has begun on a new documentary from Imbrium Films!

American Brewer follows the story of a man through the trials, tribulations, and victories of opening a succesful business and fulfilling his life-long ambition of living the American dream.

As the story develops we’ll be regularly posting images from production to our twitter feed, @ImbriumFilms. Follow along as we take you into the creative process for an exclusive behind the scenes look at what goes in to a documentary production.

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